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MWIA 4thHistoric teaser: Under the glass ceiling (1959-1968)

maandag 28 januari 2019

The fifth decade of MWIA’s history began with the official emblem being approved in 1960.

The MWIA presidents of that decade were Janet AITKEN, U.K. (1958-1962), Fe del MUNDO, Philippines (1962-1966), Lore ANTOINE, Austria (1966-1968) and Lorna LLOYD-GREEN, Australia (1968-1970).

The 1960s were an exciting as well as a challenging time for medical women. Even though medical schools had started to admit female medical students in the 1940s, the number remained low. In 1960, the percentage of female medical students for example in the US was still 5.8% and medical institutes still had a preference for male students. In 1961, the percentage of practicing physicians in the US was a mere 5.7%. The situation was quite similar in many countries all over the world.

Click on the PDF for the full version of the teaser.

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