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Manual of gynecardiology - female - specific cardiology

  • Reveals the enormous variance of gender-based difference in the practice of cardiology among a female patient population
  • Presents the key features of cardiovascular illness within a female population
  • Review the technological developments in cardiology as they respond to a female-specific pattern of CAD and heart failure
  • Contains practical cases to illustrate key concepts

This book provides a much-needed, internationally oriented text, focusing on specific aspects of heart disease in women. Despite the large amount of information available, there is still considerable confusion regarding female patients. As such, the book highlights the health events that occur during aging in women and that may influence the future CVD risk. For instance, pregnancy-related disorders are important predictors for CVD risk in women, and inflammatory diseases like rheumatic, thyroid disorders etc, which also interfere with CVD risk, are also more common in women. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, including gynecology and endocrinology, it offers separate chapters on female-specific manifestations of ischemic heart disease, such as Tako Tsubo CMP and spontaneous coronary artery dissections. The book also discusses the effects and side effects of important medications. The chapters are clearly formatted, making it easy for readers to find subjects of interest.

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