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There are four types of membership within the Association:

  1. Affiliated National Associations (like VNVA)
  2. Individual Members
  3. Honorary Members
  4. Members of Honour

All Medical Women qualified according to the accepted standard of the medical profession in their own country are eligible for membership. It is also a requisite that all qualified Medical Women of the country (National Association) must be eligible for membership irrespective of race, religion or political opinion. The affiliated National Associations comprise over 90% of our members. Individual Members are Medical Women from a country having no Association, who apply directly to the Association for membership. Individual members are encouraged to form a national. Members of Honour and Honorary Membership is awarded any woman, who has rendered to the medical profession such signal service as to merit recognition.

The Association is composed of 8 geographical regions. Each region is represented on the Executive Committee by its Vice-President.

  • Northern Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Near East and Africa
  • Central Asia
  • Western Pacific

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